Some more personalised darts flights

Hope you are all well. It’s an uncertain time in the world with covid19 and the lockdown still in effect in some ways.

Went out today and my town was half full of mask wearers and non mask wearers, I would rather have the mask on to be fair, if it has even a small positive effect, its better than doing nothing.

Below are a few custom darts flight designs I did over the last couple of days. Love the multi coloured ones as I’ve never seen those colours together on one flight, just came to me at the time.

The lips one is specially made for a particular person, who shall remain nameless for now.

The special forces one is for a St Pauli football club fan. It was made from a drawing that the fan provided. I added the St Pauli skull and crossbones for a bit of a personal feel, which gives it that extra quality look.

Finally the black ones with white chalk writing effect is for any grumpy player who hates his darts being touched…maybe that me lol.

Stay safe and keep well.

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