Some More Custom Darts Flights

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing good in these difficult times. Reach out if you need to talk is my advice!

Anyhow back to the darts flights! I’ve been very busy over the last few days and created some new custom L Styles and ordinary darts flights too. I do like the Pear flights myself but have been tinkering with Cosmo and L Style flights – bought in a few copies and I’m now spoilt for choice for darts flights lol.

I will not be accepting any new orders on the website till Christmas is over, as I want time to myself but also need to do essential website maintenance as well as finish up stuff so all orders are done in time for Christmas deliveries.

Some good news is that I will have a professional player use my designed flights at the PDC World Championships! Isn’t that good news indeed! I’ve only been at the darts designing for 8 months or so and it’s a bit of recognition for the work I’ve put in. When they arrive, I’ll do a video.

Below are some of the custom darts flights I’ve done over the last few days.

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