Some custom darts flights news

Firstly, thanks for tuning in and reading this post! Makes me happy to see so many new and exciting custom darts flights being designed and going out to happy customers to all four corners of the world.

We have sent to Australia, USA, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Iceland, Brazil, Norway, Sweden and Denmark to name a few. Really meeting new targets and expanding our customer base across the world. I’d love to get our first order from an Asian country, so anyone that can help in that regard would be a welcomed support.

Some news this week is that we can produce our own 2 sided and 4 sided printed darts flights here in Ireland. Taxes and customs duties have delayed postal services and deliveries somewhat and I am trying to get a better way to streamline it, so bear with me.

Other news is that we can produce our own Custom Darts Flights branded darts cards/shields that are fully customised. We are only offering this for UK and Ireland customers at the moment. Please email for more information on that. We are charging £10 plus postage, which is very competitive in the market for fully customised printing on aluminium.

Other than that we continue to design new personalised darts flights of most common shapes and sizes. Heres a few examples:

Here are some real examples of finished darts flights:

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