Niall Banham – custom darts flights

Here’s a quick look at Niall’s custom darts flights.

Niall sent me through a rough picture and an idea of what to do. Here is the rough picture below:

Not a bad graphic to work with, but I knew to get a good liking, I would have to take my time and recreate from scratch.

First off I had to redraw the skull as a vector so it would scale down to size. Then I had to add details like eyes, cracks, teeth and beard. Next I added some stock axes with which I added details like edges, cracks and the celtic symbol. Then I duplicated it and flipped it horizontal so there were two. Next I made the circle in the background with a gradient colour from light grey to dark grey and added a viking font. Finally I put a green to black gradient in as well. I had it the other way but Niall wanted it flipped vertical so we did.

The end product is below:

Thank you to Helios Dart Supply for their stellar work again in getting these printed and supplied to us at – we really appreciate your hard work.

Thanks also to Niall for ordering and giving me a great design to work with. Hope you like them Niall and I hope they bring many a 180 to your door.

Keep them straight lad…

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