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Introducing NEW Custom L Style Darts Flights

Check out this quick review / product highlight of the new Custom L Style Darts Flights that we can design and create for customers. You can now also buy just 1 set (£12.50) – which sounds like a lot but these flights last for ages and ages! Get in touch with Johnny to see what […]

Some new designs

Hello everyone, been a week or so since I put any designs up on the website. Been a bit under the weather mentally and physically. So much to do at work let alone the old dart flights. So here’s a few new designs I came up with over the last while.

Custom Darts Flights Giveaway

Going to be putting in an order for these limited edition custom darts flights. No-one makes them like Helios, or designs like them myself. Once these are gone, they are gone – don’t miss out! These will be made and randomly might make their way to you – if you have ordered before or if […]

New Custom Darts Flights

Hello everyone – what day is it?? It’s Friday yeah! Just a quick post to show some designs we have done over the last few days – just like Jimmy Cricket used to say…and there’s more… Some exciting news to come out from Helios Dart Supply is that we can offer customised L Style flights […]

More designs from custom darts flights

Been a busy weekend for me. First off had to build a wall in the garden, clear guttering and cut back some trees – jobs never cease. Managed to squeeze in a few games on the Target Nexus – against of all people BarneyBoy – few 180’s but too inconsistent – scoring there then disappears, […]

Custom Darts Flights for SGO

New custom darts flights designed for Santiago from Valladolid in Spain! I was sent the graphic and logo etc, so it didnt take long to put together, just the placement and then for Helios Dart Supply to do their best at printing, again a fantastic job. These are no6 small standard shape flights. The colours […]

Signature Custom Darts Flights

So we have got back the finished article for the signature darts flights for Gary Mcginn and I have to say they look brilliant. A simple white flight, with two bands of blue colour mimicking same colour tones as Manchester City. But the most important part, the signature of Gary himself emblazoned on his own […]


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