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Well the Easter Bunny will be here soon, I’ve a few days off work now so when I have some downtime from family life this weekend, I may have time for some new custom darts flights. There have been many requests over the last month or so and whilst I strive to do them all, […]

Some custom darts flights news

Firstly, thanks for tuning in and reading this post! Makes me happy to see so many new and exciting custom darts flights being designed and going out to happy customers to all four corners of the world. We have sent to Australia, USA, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, Germany, UK, Ireland, Greece, Italy, Belgium, Iceland, Brazil, Norway, […]

New Custom Darts Flights

Hello everyone – I hope everyone is well with the lock down – it is a trying time I know – we have work, home schooling and darts flights to be getting on with here – so busy busy all the time. But life is never easy as they say – just have to keep […]

some new custom darts flights

Hello everyone, if this is your first visit to – welcome along for the ride. This week has been busy at work (yes I do have a day job!) and at the custom darts flights. Of course if anyone is thinking about personalised darts flights, please do get in touch – email me at […]

Some New Custom Darts Flights

Had a bit of a run at the darts flights this last week, here are some custom darts flights I designed this week. Hope you like them – some of them are really good – I do like them all! Had enough time for another episode of the returning Talking and Chalking Darts Podcast – […]

Some new custom darts flights

Here are some of the designs I did during the week. Been a very busy time at work and at the darts flights. Had a bad end to 2020 personally but hopefully 2021 is a better year. I can do custom LStyle is black as well as white now and also Kami (lighter LStyle) and […]

Check out these Custom L Style Darts Flights

Designed these today for AsianDarts and I have to say, I think these are probably my favourite recent darts flights that I have designed. On standard white L Style base flights I tried to incorporate all flags of Asian, but realising I couldn’t get all of them on there, I tried to use some of […]

Some More Custom Darts Flights

Hi everyone, I hope everyone is doing good in these difficult times. Reach out if you need to talk is my advice! Anyhow back to the darts flights! I’ve been very busy over the last few days and created some new custom L Styles and ordinary darts flights too. I do like the Pear flights […]


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