News from Custom Darts Flights

Hi there – been quite busy of late updating the website and designing new custom darts flights as much as ever. I just love it!

My favourite three I have designed this week are:

Starting to get busy and busy with work as well, so may need some help eventually!

Got quite a few international orders in this last few weeks from as far as the USA, Norway, Denmark, Spain and Australia to name a few. We have updated the website to allow for orders to be placed in a lot of additional countries such as New Zealand and South Africa!

News for me is I got a delivery of the Ultimate Darts Card from Keith Deller and Bob Anderson – nice touch from Keith adding in some of his signed darts flights – I wonder does he know I have thousands of darts flights here lol. Also a little delivery of 24 gram darts from Wayne Mardle to try out and review – that should be interesting – always loved the Bristow style dart and the gold ones look great. He was nice enough to add in a signed picture as well – nice one.

On the Nexus dart board on and off this week, best was an 11 dart leg – but should have been 10 – but that’s darts. Love a good game and Allan and myself always seem to get a good one – although he must have had an off day last time, me winning 4-0 – sorry Allan! We will get another one soon.

For anyone new to darts who needs some advice check out Dynamite Dave. For reviews I have to mention DartsPlanetTV and Neil’s Darts – both great channels on YouTube.

Now off for some fresh designs – inspiration takes me a mere half a second.

Keep your arrows straight!

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