New week, new custom darts flights

So here we are back at the start of a new week. Had some requests over the weekend.

On Saturday, I was part of a small 16 man darts competition – pretty good standard actually with some top notch players there. Held my own and whilst was fortunate in the draw, I made the semi final but was put in my place by the better man in the semi. But still came away with the top checkout 150 (T20,T20,D15) and some cash. Great day out with some great craic – just what I had been missing this last five months – Lonewolf still has some darts to play.

Good to see the WDA Northern Ireland team setting up a friendly against England A this weekend coming. Colin McGarry has a great lineup selected:

Chris Gilliland
Neil Duff
Raymie Williamson
Colin McGarry
William McKendry

Reserves Michael Grady & Owen McLaughlin

Anyhow back to the flights – yes there were some interesting emails come into the inbox this weekend from as far as Ohio and Florida in the great ol’ USA! Here’s one that came in – a No6 (Target Small Standard) request. Black and red to match a playing shirt. Came out alright I think – think they will look better in real life though.

Thanks for reading, keep those arrows straight!

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