New darts shirt for Sean Kearns and Travis Baur

What a joy it is to see young lads take up darts and get really good at it. These two young stars Sean Kearns and Travis Baur have been duking it out on the oche for the last 18 months or so each beating each other for some of the NIDO youth competitions and whilst there are others such as Johnny Stewart among others, these two in Sean and Travis have been winning more regularly.

So it is with great excitement that we bring you these two newly designed shirts for two of the best youngsters to come though the NIDO youth system in a long while. Sean also has an orange one of these shirts coming, which hasn’t come in yet but will be just as good.

Thanks as ever to Helios Dart Supply for bringing my design to fruition. Also thanks to Coyote Promotions for ordering Sean’s and Neil Duff for ordering Travis’.

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