Well the Easter Bunny will be here soon, I’ve a few days off work now so when I have some downtime from family life this weekend, I may have time for some new custom darts flights. There have been many requests over the last month or so and whilst I strive to do them all, some of them can either be delayed or missed (yes I do get hundreds of requests). So if I have ‘forgotten’ to get back to you, please do send me an email to and I will endeavour to get back to you pronto.

In terms of people whom have ordered already, I have been informed that a new consignment of custom darts flights will be winging their from the Netherlands to Northern Ireland next week. When I know whats in the package, I will let the customers know the craic.

For myself here in Northern Ireland I can now print my own darts flights 2 sided and 4 sided. For 2 sided, I am still doing 10 sets (30 flights) but for 4 sided, I think I will change the quantity down to 3 sets for in and around £10 – when I decide to do so, I’ll announce it online on the website and social media.

Other things I am doing at the moment are custom darts shields – these are printed aluminium shields – A5 size at £10 plus shipping – at present only available in the UK and Ireland. For more information please email me at

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