More designs from custom darts flights

Been a busy weekend for me. First off had to build a wall in the garden, clear guttering and cut back some trees – jobs never cease. Managed to squeeze in a few games on the Target Nexus – against of all people BarneyBoy – few 180’s but too inconsistent – scoring there then disappears, but more importantly the finishing was right up there. Then a good few games against Brett Pickersgill – well played Brett. I hit a 130 out only in the next leg Brett did exact same thing – great games – keep up the practice.

Inbetween all of that I had so many requests from people as far as Australia to catch up on. Here are a few examples of the designs I’ve had to create or recreate. I especially like the St Pauli FC one – this is the second order from the customer and I very much appreciate the business – many thanks to everyone who asks me to design their darts flights.

Getting personalised darts flights isn’t for everyone – but I do try and make them as personal as possible for everyone. If you are looking for cheap darts flights, get them on Amazon or any retailer such as DartCity, BVD, A180, PerfectDarts or Dartscorner for instance – if you are looking for one off specials that are truly personalised then, you’ve come to the right place.

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