DPTV Darts Flights

Had a message last night from my good friends at DartsPlanetTV asking me to design a few sets of flights for them. Humbled by their decision to ask me – very grateful for the opportunity.

So I came up with these three flights. (I normally go with the first design). When people order custom flights, I always do a few iterations before deciding myself – just a quirk I have where I critique my own work. Usually it’s the first one that I decide on – inspiration can come from anyone or anything.

Gav just gave me a brief of colours – and my own freedom – thanks for the no direction guys LOL. Although I think I did well.

First one (left) was the first one I came up with – I drew it out on a piece of paper first and played about with the triangles and strategically placed DPTV in a diagonal so it can read it portrait or landscape.

The second one (mid) was a pretty easy flight to design, but I like it, the symmetry in the lines and the houndstooth pattern work well with the three colours. This one took the longest to design.

The third and last flight (right) did not use red at all on (apart from the logo). In my youth at University of Ulster I would draw shapes and geometric patterns over and over in my spare time – with only black and white. So I decided to put one of the designs (as I could remember) on the flight. It’s a bit of a psychedelic pattern and the more I look at it, the more I like it, but the more I don’t like it – it’s kind of a pattern that would annoy some I feel – not for everyone.

I prefer the first one I did, but happy to get your feedback. Let us know.

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