Darts At Home

So with this lockdown and no arrows at the pub for a while, a lot of people have been having matches online – whether that is on Nakka No1, Webcam Darts, whatsapp, facebook messenger or whatever.

Even the PDC and professional dart players have been getting in on it with the PDC Home Tour now up and running along with the Modus and Remote Darts events all going ahead online. There is also the option of playing soft tip darts on the Target Nexus – so no camera issues to worry about with that one.

But if you dont want to shell out a lot of money but still play online, the best contraption I have found is this below. You attach it to your board or surround and wrap/twist around the holder to have your phone pointing at the board – live stream with Youtube, facebook or whatsapp calls. It’s easy to do and set up and these holders can be bought of eBay for around five pounds – not bad. I do hope we can all get back to proper darts at the pub and this corona lockdown is ended sooner or later.

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