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Custom Darts Flights Update

Hi everyone! It has been a while since I posted on my website. I have been enjoying my time off since Christmas and whilst I have had hundreds of orders requests in that time, I have turned them all down or postponed them. Why you may you ask, because I a full time job and also you guys were totally maxing out my time after I finish work…So something had to give…

But Yes, I have made the decision to continue with making Custom Darts Flights and make and design them myself right here in Northern Ireland.

Whilst there are some competitors in the market (yes there are some!) I will not change my model or change my prices. I provide a good service with great designs and I will continue in the model I have grown from zero to what it is today. In the space of two years, Custom Darts Flights has grown to be one the most successful providers of custom and personalised designs due to my skills and imagination.

Next on the list of stuff to do is limited editions, one offs and a full product catalogue – these will be added to the website sometime soon – so please be patient – Custom Darts Flights is still moving forward!

Here is the first Limited Edition Custom Darts Flights – only available on – my design by Johnny Cree. There will only be 10 sets of these made. Keep an eye on the website – the first 5 people to get them will get them FREE (you pay postage).

Keep your arrows straight!

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