Custom Darts Flights now offering multiple variants of L Style

Hello everyone, good news from CustomDartsFlights is that we can now provide designs on L Style darts flights in multiple variants. Thanks to Helios for providing us with their new products and services.

I will set up the products more clearly on the website over the next few days. The variants are

  • L1 EZ white
  • L1 EZ black
  • L3 EZ white
  • L3 EZ black
  • L1 Pro white
  • L1 Pro black
  • L1 Kami white
  • L3 Dimple white
  • L3 Dimple black

L1 is standard No2 shape (traditional shape)

L3 is No6 (Target small standard shape)

Kami is a lighter more flexible flight

These are base colour in white or black. Both will have a border in 5mm  for printing purposes. However the black is not as noticeable. The white does have a good outline though, and is very popular.

Please get in touch with me for a design if you are interested at

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