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Hello everyone – thanks for checking in to read my rambles on Custom Darts Flights. It has been a quiet week at work and at my hobby, personally I have not been feeling great – but that’s life. Had a few practice nights against Hedgie and David Parke during the week – which always brings a smile – the two lads really push me on to concentrate.

Anyhow I’ve been busy at the old custom darts flights designs – making some real personalised ones and some reorders for others. I really like the Cesena SeaHorses one below which is going to a chap over in Italy of all places, and of course I did the white Dynamite Dave L Style darts flights, which he acknowledged on social media – if you have any faults in your throw, it’s worth checking out his videos on YouTube.

I have also branched out into making printed aluminium darts shields – see some examples below. Anything could be printed on them and for relatively little cost and a quick turnaround. Printing on aluminium gives the images a vibrant colour. Thanks must go out to Richard Stanway from The Darts Museum who still has some limited edition shields left. I bagged number 16 – as that is my lucky number.

I hope everyone is looking forward to getting out again after some light at the end of the tunnel with some restrictions being lifted over the coming weeks and months. I expect to get out for a game at some time and who knows the Northern Ireland Open may get the go ahead – its planned for October… Hope to see some of you there!

I predominantly play online darts on so if you are on that platform, send me a game request – lonewolf180 is my username.

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