Custom Darts Flights News

Hi everyone, hope everyone is well. So a busy time indeed at Custom Darts Flights. We have been updating the backend of the website with a new catalogue of products – hence the website is not processing orders as yet. Please be patient, we will be back at it soon enough.

Some news from us is that Custom Darts Flights no longer providing custom L style flights as it is 1. uneconomical for the end user and 2. delivery time too long for such a pricepoint – therefore we are no longer making those. However we are still making 2 sided and 4 sided printed custom darts flights – and even better (if you did not know) – we make them right here in the Northern Ireland in the UK – therefore we have no huge delivery times or ordering through 3rd parties etc. The website store will be open when we have time to finish the backend updates.

We have also been finishing up some outstanding orders (we are all caught up now). Please see below a small selection of examples.

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