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Hello everyone! Hope you are all well. Some of us are starting to get back to the darts whether that is online, social distanced or limited to entries – there are signs of the sport of darts coming back to the pubs, clubs and leagues all over the UK and Ireland. I can’t wait!

Some news for Custom Darts Flights is that I have changed the darts flights service – they are still being designed by myself, but now I will be making my own darts flights.

We will only be doing small runs and not huge orders and certainly will not be rivalling Helios Dart Supply whom have been instrumental in helping us get off the ground. I cannot thank Carlo enough for his help over the last year – it has been a great partnership. For L Style customs, please contact Carlo at Helios for all your L Style EZ or L1 Pro needs including L1, L3 and Dimple. Helios also do printing of stems, which look great by the way.

I am scaling back to small orders to allow for the flights to be less expensive but also to give me some time at home and work to be able to function and do the darts flights at the same time. In 2020 I started doing the darts flights as a hobby and it still is today – it will never be a viable business – but please do keep your design idea requests coming in. You can now buy in much less quantity – 1 set or 3 sets, 2 sided or 4 sided. Happy to help! Check out my store or ask me on twitter.

Some new darts flights went out this week to a few people, I hope you are all happy. I have had so many many great moments over the last year filling my time where I would have been playing darts to making darts flights, but more importantly making so many friends – which is hard for a lone wolf to do. Here are a few of the people that have contributed to and kept me sane:

Ticky Taylor, Craig Beach, Winmau, Rodney Greer, Red Dragon, Richard Lusardi, Darren Watson, Darts Review Channel, Carlo at Helios Dart Supply, Geoff Wylie, Stephen Pinkerton, William McKendry, Alan Boyd, Neil Duff, Chris Gilliland, Gareth Chambers, Darnell McCrory, David Parke, DartsPlanetTV, Stewart McNally, Neil Bell, MentalHealthInDarts, DynamiteDave, BVD Darts, Retriever Sports, DartsInStoke, Alan Soutar, LStyleEurope, Tony @ CustomMadeDarts, LoveDarts, Zac Thornton, The Chief Colin McGarry, Mark Tomlin, Birdseye&Birdies, David Harron, TheDartsMuseum, Richard Stanway, SupportPDC, Maciej Chorbiński, ScottishLadDoesDartsReviews, MatadorDarts, Chris Bare, CanadaDartsReviewsSorry, Tim Williams, Paddy Mann, Patrick Quinn, TheGDL, Paul Lees, LoxleyDarts, DartsCorner, Tom Beresford, DartsGB, DoubleBluff, Darren Flett, Jakobusss Roeterd, DartsCymru, Antony The Pup, Dudley Darts Promotions, James Shepherd, Joe Reid DartsNow, Carl Fletcher, Beans, Gaz and Andy, Paul Butler, Charlie Friel, WeighInn Darts, NIDO, Kayleigh O’Neill, Rachel Whakefield, Ross Coleman, DoubleTroubleDrinks, Dean Holden, HoppyDarts, SoftTip Central UK, Stephen Larmour, Chris Ping, Larry Winger, Art Susi, Mark Wortley, Kevin Cremen, InsideTheWDF, Andrew Burns, Alex Hughes, Charlie Gray, Martin Carvill, Quantum Darts, SimpleStagmin, Rob Radsma, UKDA, John O’Shea, Dave Lynas, Kevin Magill and the legend Alf Gray, and many many more!

Have a good one. Keep those arrows straight!

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