Check out these Custom L Style Darts Flights

Designed these today for AsianDarts and I have to say, I think these are probably my favourite recent darts flights that I have designed.

On standard white L Style base flights I tried to incorporate all flags of Asian, but realising I couldn’t get all of them on there, I tried to use some of them such as South Korea and Japan as inspiration to create a mash up of them.

I also used an Asian themed font and put them in the China colours of red and yellow.

AsianDarts wanted blossoms 🌸 as well on the flights, so I took a picture of them and recreated a new vector graphic for them with branches and pink flowers and positioned it on the left side.

With the white border, which is required on all Helios printed L Styles, I think these look very classy.

I cannot wait to see the finished article from our friends at Helios Dart Supply, who will no doubt do another stunning job for us.

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