Custom Darts Flights

Let us make your dream custom darts flights for your best darts setup yet

Our aim is to have the highest quality of designs for everyone’s personalised darts flights. Over the years many darts flights have been designed but none will meet our unique and fresh designs. Too long have we put up with the standard stock flights off the shelf, now you can have us design your perfect flight based on your colours, theme and wants. Our aim is to set the standard for the best most creative, uniquely designed custom darts flights made to the highest quality.

Quality assurance and customer satisfaction are two our most important key performance indicators – we want everyone that purchases to be happy with their personalised custom darts flights.

Personalised Flights

Have you ever seen a player have their own flights and thought ‘oh they look nice’. Look no further, we can design your flights to your wants, all colours, logos and themes available. There are no stock items as all our designs are one off’s and totally unique and personal to the player.

At the moment, our minimum order of flights is 10 sets at present.
There are a number of options – standard, kite, slim, No6 or pear shape. We hope to add other non standard shapes of flights in the near future.

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